Who is Musa Mseleku’s most lovely wife ? for him

Musa Mseleku, a well-known polygamist, wed four times. His family became famous after the broadcast of their reality show in 2016. Musa’s success as a polygamist is on display in the manner he cares for his offspring. Unlike many men who have multiple wives, the Durban polygamist really provides for and takes good care of his family. The wives and their children all reside in separate dwellings, but use the same garage for their cars. While each wife undoubtedly contributes in her own way, it is the husband who serves as the head of the family.

While he provides equally for his daughters, it is common knowledge that even the most devoted parents have a favorite among their progeny. Here’s why I don’t think this polygamist is any different from any other.

Má Celé

It was the first wife that agreed to this arrangement. It seems unlikely that he loves her more than his other three wives, given that he married them all after she died. Ma Cele is the first wife, yet she is treated with complete contempt.

Please call me Ma Yeni.

Musa’s second wife, if the tales are to be believed, was someone he dated before he wed his first. Apparently, he reconciled with her after marrying Ma Cele. This could be his one true love for all he knows. Whenever they are together, Musa’s face lights up and he becomes more demonstrative of his feelings toward her.

Khumalo, Ma

Thobile has been the most harmed because she cannot have children of her own. This is the very worst thing that can happen to a woman. The most frustrating aspect of this situation is that she can have a child by non-conventional methods, but her husband is against this since he believes that Africans do not do things in a western style. From what I can tell, Musa is being quite cruel and callous toward MaKhumalo.

When you say “Ma Ngwabe,” we all know who you are.

The third wife is the source of most of the trouble between the couple since she refuses to be treated like a doormat by her husband. Ma Ngwabe never gives in when she has an opinion on a matter. Given that she is the “last wife” in a polygamous union, I believe she is being ignored as well.