Stephanie Sandows photo for her daughter in recent look.

Stephanie Sandows leaves her fans gushing over her and her daughter in recent pictures.


Being a celebrity means you live most of your life on the spot light. You actually live for your fans because any now and then you can get canceled if you do something wrong. It is even worse now in the Era of social media. Hence it is not a surprise to celebrities when they are asked personal questions, they fans always want to know everything about them.

Stephanie Sandows is an actress, Youtuber and content creator. She’s known for her many roles, one of them being on Scandal. She’s happily married to Hungani Ndlovu, who was her co-star in many shows. The couple has a daughter named Rhulani.

Rhulani is just a few months old but she already has both her parents wrapped around her little finger. Stephanie shared a cute picture of her, holding her princess. The Ndlovu princess is rocking a cute swim wear. Her mother’s fans couldn’t stop gushing over her, so much that they asked her mother when are they seeing her face.