Congratulations to Reggie and Dintle Wedding party

Congratulations Didi and Regie…Cant wait for Hlengiwe’s and Dr Bae’s wedding. Zimbabwean wedding.

Yoooh it never rains but pours on Didi..when wil she find peace hle.yhuu Hai imagine the “man of your dreams “is none other than your dad.



Seriously, scandal can’t you allow Didi to be happy. Salamina what story are you bringing again eish after the death of Lindiwe we need some lovely couple please.

Regi is so lucky he just came and got himself a fine lady and he’s having a wedding then there is javas m god. The poor cop deserves this as well. Reggie is Dintle’s father which makes her and karabo half siblings.

Motshabi and khanyi-jewel are his granddaughters, which makes karabo an uncle. The very uncle who took the nudes of niece, meaning malome already saw niece with naked.

And then Salamina comes and sees Reggie who is the ex-boyfriend who got her pregnant and she gave birth to Dintle. Imagine finding out that Dintle and Karabo are half-siblings.