Ntate Kganyago Peels Off His Mask And What’s Beneath It Is Not Pretty But See What Will Happen

We are mindful of how Ntate Kganyago and Jacobeth Thobakgale got together. It began with a little push from Elizabeth, and presently things are quickly spiraling crazy. The most horrendously awful part is that Lizzy can see the risk her mom is in and can never again control what is going on.





Jacobeth will fall due to her pride, in spite of her earnest attempts to show to her mom the genuine expectations of her darling. On this episode, Lizzy is removed from Jacobeth’s home since she continues to attempt to come clean with her. Fans communicated their dismay with Ntate Kganyago’s arrangements for Mrs. Thobakgale, which they accept will bring disgrace upon her and make her all the rage.

It will be fundamental for her to swallow the negative comments she made to her colleagues and others, however it could be past the point of no return for that. Ntate Kganyago effectively obliterated a caring mother-little girl relationship, and he has no compassion for Jacobeth by any stretch of the imagination. He would be out of the nation and mysteriously gone when she understands what occurred. Do you figure Elizabeth will pardon her mom and return home after this, or could she actually have resentment against her mom? We are mindful that Lizzy and her mom didn’t fall head over heels, and that the sum total of what they have is one another.


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