Eunice Wants To Go Back To The Clubbing Life | Will She Relapse Again ?

Eunice went to the interview for a position at Leeto’s upcoming new club because she wants to work there. Mangaliso couldn’t stop looking at Eunice, and he wants to hire her right away. Actually, Eunice is unsure of where he stands.

Eunice opposed the club by signing a petition, but she now wants to collaborate with them. Charles made Eunice vulnerable in front of Leeto, making them reconsider hiring her. Eunice, in my opinion, is totally untrustworthy.


Eunice does not get along with Lehasa, whereas Leeto collaborates with Lehasa. They won’t be able to get along at all. Leeto was right to rethink his decision to hire Eunice.

Eunice must choose her side right now in order to resolve the issue. Whether she is in the club or the community. There are numerous opportunities for her to return to drug use.


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