Do You Remember Senzo From Generations; See Where He Is Before & After

Do you remember Senzo from Old Generations, when is the last time you saw him in our screen? Well after so many years of not being in the screen, the South African actor has made his return to our screen.

Thami Mngqolo, is a South African actor who is best known for playing his roles of Senzo Dlomo in the popular series Generations. It’s been many years since we saw Thami Mngqolo in tv. Mzansi has been asking about his whereabouts since he left the most popular soapie Generations.

Thami is another South African actor who got fired in 2016 together with the other 23 cast members over demand of salary increases. Thami join Generations from 2003 until he got fired in 2016. Thami was known for playing the character of Senzo Dlomo where he was a son of Sibusiso Dlomo. Those who still remember, would remember that he was acting the character of a gay.

Since he was fired, Thami Mngqolo stop acting for some other reasons. It took many years before Generations cast members made their return to our screen. After so many years the actor has now been seen in few soapie in tv.

The actor Thami Mngqolo is now playing BET drama series, Isono. Mzansi is currently loving the role he is playing. For those who is following the series Isona in etv would have seen him playing the character of Maradona, who is an orphan. His is known an orphan who who grow up at the House of Grace.