Wife wants Ndamase to return the Range Rover that her husband allegedly gave her

Popular influencer Mihlali Ndamase’s name popped up in court papers as the wife of a Gauteng businessman demanded that she return the Range Rover her husband allegedly gave her.

Ndamase said she did not remember receiving the car from anyone. She declined to comment further and said she would rather talk about her career than her private life.

“I’m the CEO of Malakyt, SA’S most reliable beauty specialists’ platform that has created job opportunities for those in the beauty space at very little cost to their businesses. I am also a multi-award-winning digital content creator who works with some of the world’s biggest brands. Yesterday, I won another award by the way, Sasma Beauty Influencer of the Year. I’m certain there are much more significant things to discuss,” she said.



The woman, who works in the communication unit of a Gauteng department known to Sunday World, revealed that her husband had also accused her of allegedly being involved in an extramarital affair with her boss, who is a popular politician.

She said when she was out of town with the politician, the husband would video call her to check who she was sleeping with in her hotel room.

“The accusation regarding his jealousy and insensitivities with me working in a political private office with my boss who is a prominent politician brought too much tension in our marriage,” read the papers.

In the papers, which we have seen, the woman said the businessman bought her a Range Rover Vogue Autobiography on November 25 2020 as a gift for their wedding anniversary.

She said she decided to give her old car, a Range Rover Sport 5.5 Dynamic, which is in her name, to his father to run his errands with.

“As stated elsewhere in this affidavit, the Range Rover Autobiography that was given to me as a gift was snatched away from me by (name withheld) and given to his girlfriend to use. He actually vindictively took my car away from me and gave it to Ndamase to use, and I do not have a vehicle to use,” read the papers.

The woman said the businessman allegedly cheated on her after their union with more than five women before enjoying an affair with Ndamase.

Source: Sunday World Sun, 4 Dec 2022