“Whoever got Kelly Khumalo pregnant is really brave” mzansi reacts to Kelly Khumalo’s pregnancy

Why South Africans are so scared of Kelly Khumalo?

Kelly Khumalo received all the beautiful messages on her Instagram page, but on Twitter it’s another story. People on social media have different opinions about Kelly’s pregnancy today.


Social media users are saying that a man who got Kelly Khumalo pregnant is brave. This comes after every man who Kelly pregnant in the past have a bad history with her. I think that Kelly did the right thing by hiding her boyfriend because they would have judged him on why he got Kelly pregnant.

People need to be happy for her or just stay away from her personal life. Kelly might have failed relationships, but she is the best mother to her children. She looks happy and that is all that matters at this point. Kelly is a good person.

Congratulations to Kelly Khumalo, she is going to be a good mother.

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