RIP: Nkanyezi Khubeka Confirmed The Sad Passing Of His Brother

Nkanyezi Khubeka is currently trending all over social media for all the painful reasons after he shared the news about the sad passing of his brother, judging by the looks of things his brother was still a young man may his soul rest in peace.

Judging by the looks of things he had a great relationship with his brother you would even go as far as assuming they were identical twins.



Mr. Curious was able to relate to the pain of Nkanyezi Khubeka, he recently lost his brother last month they were very close. His brother was his best friend he even went as far as saying my brother was my everything. He can relate to the pain of Nkanyezi Khubeka but he had great advice for him, let your love for him keep you going. He believes in life after death he’s going to be able to meet his brother again in the afterlife, this was a touching tribute, the painful part about life we going to lose our loved ones as we’re growing old. Let’s cherish every single moment with our loved ones we are living on borrowed time.

What we can do now is to keep Nkanyezi Khubeka in our prayers, during this painful moment of his life.

The whole news left him distraught he was not able to give us proper details regarding his death, what we need to do as the media is to give him space he’s going to break his silence after the burial of his brother.

Our deepest condolences to his family, Mzukwase had a big head on his shoulders he was going somewhere in life. He never trended all over social media for all the wrong reasons may his soul rest gently. Time heals almost everything it’s part of the journey.