LaConco Left Mzansi Jealous As She Shows Off Her Pictures After Weight Loss. See Her Before & After

LaConco Left Mzansi Jealous After She Shows Off Her Body Transformation After Weight Loss


Many celebrities are trying to lose weight because they now want to live a healthy life. People have come to realize that the food that they are eating are affecting their healthy and it also have some complications in future. There are many things that people who are fat or chubby cannot do such as walking or running a long distance. Hence many people now want to lose weight.

The South African media personality and reality tv star LaConco has been serving us with her new body transformation. LaConco has been working hard in the past three years to loss weight. LaConco has recently taken to her social media page where she left her heart melt pictures after she lost weight. 

LaConco has changed diet and she no longer eat the food she use to eat. She has a personal trainer who is helping her with diet. She has also realized that the food she eat are not healthy and it also have effects on her healthy. 

LaConco who is ex-wife of former president Jacob Zuma, has been showing off her pictures since she started her journey of loosing weight. She has been sharing her pictures when she is in a gym. 

There are many reasons that can make a woman to gain weight. In most cases when it comes to women they gain weight after giving birth. LaConco has also revealed in one of her post that she started to gain weight after giving birth to her child. 

LaConco has been a motivation everyone who wants to lose weight. Those who are serous about living heath should change a diet and start gym.