” Big Zulu is destroying the next generation” is this true?


Young people in this country look up to musicians and performers, that much is undeniable. The effect of celebrities on young people is significant, which explains why so many young people try to emulate their style.

Big Zulu appears to be one of those celebrities who has a significant impact on the youth of today and tomorrow. Hip-hop artist, songwriter, and actor Big Zulu was born Siyabonga Nene in South Africa. In 2016, Big Zulu released a tune titled “Donsa Nkabi,” which catapulted him to prominence and made him a household name across South Africa.



One Facebook news outlet, Squad Magazine, recently published an article that appeared to be critical of Big Zulu’s impact on the youth of today.

Two young boys are depicted in the picture, costumed as Big Zulu would be and without their shirts on; the caption states, “Big Zulu is harming the next generation.”

After all, we can’t look at this picture of the boys and deny that Big Zulu has some type of impact on them without also questioning whether or not that impact is ruining them. However, not everyone agrees with the assessment offered by Squad Magazine; some critics have voiced their disagreement in the following ways:

A solid foundation is being laid by him.

There are people out there who are fans of Big Zulu and who generally disagree with this remark, and there are also people who are agree with this statement.

After considering this evidence, do you agree that Big Zulu’s popularity has harmed the youth of today, or do you think this is just another attempt to discredit a musician? To me, it does not appear that he is actively working to destroy the youth of today.