“I don’t want to even see her” Kelly Khumalo blast best friend Wanda Baloyi as she opens up

Khumalo with Wanda Baloyi – Source: Instagram”/>Following Kelly Khumalo’s criticism of Wanda Baloyi as she discussed their falling out, the two have gained popularity. Since Mzansi learned of the fight between singer Kelly Khumalo and her best friend Wanda Baloyi, they have been in a constant stream of headlines.

It surprises me because the two have always had a purpose. When Khumalo called Wanda “selfish and self-centered,” she let the secret out. The two went on a holiday to the Vaal in the most recent episode of Kelly Khumalo’s popular reality series, Life With Kelly, but the break turned out to be unpleasant.

Kelly Khumalo with Wanda Baloyi – Source: InstagramKelly Khumalo with Wanda Baloyi – Source: Instagram

Since Kelly has always been absent-minded, rumor has it that Wanda was resentful and believed she was not receiving the attention she need from Kelly. It is unknown whether the two engaged in an altercation.

According to the rumor mill, Wanda wanted to catch up with her friends because she was departing for Mozambique shortly, but Kelly was also going through the most.
Kelly Khumalo blast best friend Wanda Baloyi reveals reasons behind their fallout

In the midst of the chaos, the two exchanged insults, and Wanda attacked Kelly for not giving her whole attention. She reportedly felt disrespected by Wanda. She disclosed that she was intoxicated and absent. She thanked the wise waters for had she not, all hell would have broken free.




Kelly Khumalo with Wanda Baloyi – Source: InstagramKelly Khumalo with Wanda Baloyi – Source: Instagram

I’m angry and grateful that I had a little bit to drink because, truth be told, if I hadn’t I would have destroyed that building and the people inside of it. Wanda receives assistance from me when she needs it. While I was painting my nails, she texted me and said she was upset.

I chose not to investigate what was happening. I enquired as to her location. I always suggest having dinner at my house when she is feeling weary and depressed. This is something I’m doing for her, independent of the daily battles with my own issues that nobody seems to care about.

Kelly claimed Wanda was rude. She continued by saying that her goal was to make her look foolish and cause her further problems.

“Wanda was spilling wine inside the house when I just woke up in the morning, and I was fatigued. At this point, I don’t even want to see Wanda because I’m so furious. She’s conceited and egotistical. Wanda should f*** off. I don’t want to learn anything new about her. I don’t want her to burn any of my belongings, not even the garments I left in her home. She said, “I don’t want anything to do with her.

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