PHOTOS: Fikile Mbalula is blessed with a beautiful wife and Children, Take look at them

Mbalula admitted in an extensive interview that he was in the midst of a stressful and uncomfortable scenario that could lead to the end of his 20-year marriage to Nozuko. When pressed by Times Timeslive about his marriage, the current minister of transport admitted to having cheated on his wife, only to subsequently admit that he had made a huge mistake.

Mbalula continued, admitting that he had lied about his preference for an independent woman. However, it did not take long for him to realize that Nozuko was the one. When he was struggling as police minister in 2016, he said that Nozuko was there for him, giving him sound advice and words of support.

Fikile Mbalula and his wife have been blissfully married for the past two decades and have been residing in their Johannesburg matrimonial home ever since. Fikile and his wife have been blessed with three amazing children, whom they are raising as a unit. His offspring include three children: two daughters and a son.




The firstborn is a girl who seems to be in her early teen years. As far as can be told, the younger sibling, who came second, is a young lady of perhaps 10 years of age. The youngest group of kids includes a young man who may be in his first year of elementary school.

Twitter and Facebook are filled with Fikile Mbalula’s effusive praise for his stunning wife and cute offspring.

Author’s viewpoint

As a prominent person and celebrity, Mbalula serves as an example to men everywhere that they should put their families first and make sure their children are always taken care of. If more men in South Africa could take care of their families like Mbalula does, the country would be better off.

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