PHOTOS: Ayanda Ncwane children have really grown up

Death is a fact of life, and it hurts even more when it comes quickly. Sfiso Ncwane’s death was a shock to his family. He was a well-known musician. He died on December 5, 2006, after being sick for only a short time. The hitmaker behind “Nkulungile” is said to have died of kidney failure.

When his death was announced, South Africa was shocked and couldn’t believe it, since he never looked like he was sick. Sfiso Ncwane left behind his two kids and his beautiful wife, whose name was Ayanda Ncwane.








In 2016, when Sfiso died, his kids were still very young. But now they are older, and one of them is a teenager and the other is getting close to that age. Ayanda Ncwane is doing very well, and she is doing a great job raising her kids by herself. Sfiso died when his children were still very young. It breaks my heart when children don’t have fathers in their lives. But it looks like Ayanda Ncwane is working hard to be both a mother and a father to her children.

Since her husband died, Ayanda Ncwane has never been seen with another man. Instead, she has been taking care of the children of her late husband. She is always there for her kids in their jobs and lives. She always shares them on social media to show the world how the kids of a famous musician are growing up and being cared for.

According to the author, Ayanda Ncwane is a good example of how you should act no matter what happens in your life. Don’t leave your kids alone; be there for them always. She is showing all single parents that it is possible even though the father is no longer there. Life must continue.

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