Dloz’lami: Viewers believe a woman is mistreating her husband

Dloz’lami has been around for a few years now and every now and again, we get to see into the lives of real people. Thembi is called in to help when people are experiencing trouble. This week Lizzie was asking for asking for help but the ancestors were… furious.

It has lead viewers to believe that she may be the bad guy

The truth is quite subjective of course. However, during their session, her grandmother revealed that she didn’t always welcome her mother-in-law to her home. Yet her own mother was free to come-and-go as she pleases. She revealed that Lizzie didn’t serve her husband on a tray.




It made me a little skeptical here. It is a little sexist to believe a woman who works Monday to Friday should also be mindful of things like that. Her soft spoken husband said nothing to indicate he wasn’t well treated but viewers went along with the idea.

People had their own opinions about Lizzie and her husband.

One user wrote, “What if Makoti (The wife) ill-treats the cool guy behind closed doors?#Dlozlami”

While another user wrote, “Yey ancestors are always watching ….they even see the way the wife gives food to her husband 😂😂 becareful how u treat your partners!! #Dlozlami”

A final user wrote, “Most women take advantage of loving husbands and become bully, I sense bad vibe from makoti (The wife), though hubby is protecting her. #Dlozlami”

I think we can’t judge someone’s relationship based on 20 minutes of screentime. Perhaps he is a soft spoken man but that doesn’t mean he is being bullied. On the other hand his wife could be using his calm nature to overrun him. It’s a tricky situation. I hope the assumptions are wrong.