Zakes Bantwini had his first born when he was 13 years, their age difference gets Mzansi talking

s birthday, and Mzansi acknowledges the age gap between the two. The two are fourteen years apart in age. Zakes Bantwini was born on May 26, 1980. Wakhiwe, on the other hand, was born on August 3, 1994. Zakes and his son have a fourteen-year age difference, which makes Mzansi wonder if he fathered his son when he was fourteen. Is that even theoretically possible?




Zakes Bantwini, who is now married to Nandi Madida, was 13 when he impregnated a girl, and the child was born when he was 14.

In a Radio interview Zakes said the following :

I was 13 years old when I impregnated a girl. I didn’t believe it; neither did my mother; no one believed it. I’m still skeptical about the situation even now.

Zakes also discussed how being a teen father affected his academic performance. He was about to drop out of school when his mother encouraged him to stay. To be a trophy son, he worked hard in school, and he has two degrees to show for it. His relationship with the mother of his first son, however, did not work out, and they split up. Zakes did not abandon his son despite the fact that their relationship could not work. The musician understood the concept of co-parenting and adored his son unconditionally.

Zakes Bantwini, The Clap Your Hands hitmaker took to Instagram to share photos of his son Wakhiwe, who was celebrating his 28th birthday. Zakes wrote an overwhelming caption to accompany the image of his son.

For those of you whom didn’t know, Wakhiwe Bantwini is a fashion student who is following in the footsteps of his father. Wakhiwe is a private person who avoids social media despite being born to a famous father. His personal life is unknown; his son lives thousands of miles away and they have a good relationship, according to Zakes.