A Man Who Recently Went To #Roxic Left Mzansi Talking After He Did This On #Roxic Show

In this week’s episode of #Roxic we meet a young man who has been identified as Kamo who went to #toxic show because he need to build a good life. This young man is thinking of committing suicide because he does not know what his living for. He has been blaming his uncle for his life being a mess and he now wasn’t help in building in his life.

It’s heartbreaking how young kids are making older citizens sufferers. His uncle is now suffering because they can’t give a young all their money. His uncle is tired because his always demands money should be providing for him but is not.

He feels like his on his own, he feel useless. He doesn’t even know what his living for. The uncle said that his grandchild Kamo do as he please, he doesn’t want to be reprimanded. He relieves himself all over the yards.

According to him, he dont have a life, he thinks that his just like Nyaopes addiction. He Asked his uncle if he has some resources he should help him.

He said that he can’t. As young as he is and still fresh he should hustle for himself.n Apparently even his own mother can’t help him because he does not respect. He feels neglected because his uncle is refusing to help him.








Viewers think that Kamo cannot be trusted as he an the can be relied on because he’s disrespectful. Apparently Kamo is now blaming the uncle of not supporting him forget that his uncle also have kids. The is also not working

Viewers think that he need to be assisted in maintaining themselves with food, toiletries and clothes.

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