Durban Gen – It’s about to end in tears for the playboy

Bhengu (Thokozisa Ziqubu) may be used to having his bread buttered on both sides, but dating sisters Buhle (Ntokozo Mzulwini) and Beauty (Lerato Bhengu, the show couldn’t provide a photo) soon catches up to him as he realises he can’t juggle both women.

Bhengu decides to call things off with Beauty, but before he can do that, he’s told that Beauty has been involved in a serious car accident and has been admitted into Durban General.

This is a sticky situation for him since he works at the hospital and Beauty’s family, including Buhle, are now always there during visiting hours until Beauty will be discharged.

And more trouble is on the way for the confused Romeo and it might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.





When Bhengu started dating the sisters, he never expected to fall in love. It was all a game for him, and he was planning on using the women for his personal pleasure. But Bhengu’s heart took over.

In the midst of playing with the sisters’ emotions, Bhengu realised that he’s fallen in love with Buhle and that he’s going to dump Beauty.

But with Beauty still recovering from her car accident, Bhengu decides that it’s better to write a letter to Buhle confessing his love rather than saying it out loud right now.

But unfortunately for him, the letter accidentally falls out of his pocket and makes its way to Beauty. He gets caught out. He’s like a deer in the headlights and he doesn’t know what to do. He’s caught between a rock and a hard place.