Celebrities With Terrible Outfits at the DSTV AWARDS

The DSTV awards gave us an opportunity to see how our celebrities look like if they go all out with fashion. Being good in fashion means being able to know what clothes to wear on and not buying expensive clothes. Some celebrities confuse this and go for expensive clothes when all the fans want is a set of matching outfits.

In this article we will be looking at some celebrities who wore terrible clothes and reasons for that.

Seekay Buthelezi

Honestly, Dakota was good if worn without socks. Teddy went on to buy those shoes and attended a whole event with them. The outfit didn’t match the shoes and the theme. The rope on his neck made the whole outfit look like he was giving suicide vibes. Some fans of his went on to criticize his combination of the outfit.

Bahumi Mhlongo




A blazer that is half a dress, where have you heard that? This is the worst dress of all times. The blazer should be worn with a blazer not long dress. Some people suspected that she was hiding the leg since she has a medical condition which resulted into her legs not looking equal.

Ntando Duma and Tamia Louw

These two had the cute dresses however, their dresses were too revealing. It is pretty much okay to deduce that we have no many Zodwa Wabantu’s in the entertainment industry. Many of them are hidden behind cute faces.