Thuli Phongolo gets dragged for her demands and the amount paid for her bookings

Thuli Phongolo is dragged for her demands and the fees she charges for her gigs. It has been a long time since people have not been happier with her DJing skills. She is being accused of playing a pre-recorded mix for her gigs. If the promoters wanted to play a mix, they would have downloaded a mix and played it because there is no longer a need to book a DJ.

While she is being accused of cheating, she keeps on responding back with backlashes. When you are a DJ, it is about doing what your audience is happy to enjoy and people do pay money to watch you DJ live, not to play a mix recorded already. It is not good for her to ask for help and the fans know about it.

It will be easier to ask someone who is having an experience and ask what she did wrong, because many people are not happy. And then reporting back to them that you have been in touch with someone who is having experience and we are working on the wrong things being picked up. It will be good progress because it is not just about her.




The demands for her to perform are very great and other people are not happy. She must remember that it is not about her and if the audience continues to complain, it will reflect very negatively on her and she will not be a DJ for much longer. She might as well go back to acting, since she was doing well before she left.

People are bashing someone on social media because they have noticed something and take it very badly. It will make you feel angry and start hating on many people. One person who is not getting angry with the comments is Mr. Smeg. He knew that he would be dragged, so he needed to put himself in a good position. If people have the courage to comment on the president, why would they not do so on someone else?