Skeem Saam|| Mr Kgomo has a crush on Celia but she is avoiding him

Celia once promised to do anything for Mr Kgomo so that he could not report her to the police. He caught her trying to kill Alfios with a pillow. Now Mr Kgomo wants Celia to return the favor to him. But it seems like he has a crush on her. He told her in the reception about him wanting to collect his debt from Celia. Celia got scared because by the time she was offering ‘something’ to Mr Kgomo, she was desperate.



Mr Kgomo was in his office when he called Celia and asked her how long it can take for her to come to his office from the reception area but Celia hung up the call because she was scared. She even tried to knock off early so that she could avoid seeing him. But Mr Kgomo managed to catch her before she could leave and she ran away from him.

Mr Kgomo followed her home and called her when he was at the gate and told her to come to the gate. She was scared in the house acting like she was cheating on her husband. Celia might be running away from something that is innocent.