Maps Maponyane excited to working with Lamiez Holworthy. Leaving their fans speechless.

There are some people you just see them from a distance and wish you could one day work with them. Their hardworking spirit and humbleness just makes it easy to want to work with. If you are a hardworker you want to work with people who are just like you.

Maps Maponyane is one of the most talented people in the country. The star is an actor, television presenter and many more. He has starred on a few shows and has made a huge name for himself. He has been working with a number of brand such as Robertson spice.




The actor shared a picture of him with dj, radio and television presenter Lamiez Holworthy. He wrote how he can’t wait to work with her. We know she’s a ball of energy. She’s those type of people that light up a room when they enter. We can’t wait to see what they will be up to.