Kwesta’s wife leaves her fans’ jaws on the floor with recent drop dead gorgeous picture.

Sometimes as people we are not ugly. It’s just the issue of having money to make yourself look beautiful. One thing that as people we don’t need to have that is very stressful, is the right colour. The colours you choose to wear will always expose you.

Yolanda Vilakazi is the wife of award winning rapper Kwesta. She’s the woman behind his success, as they say there’s a woman behind these men. She’s a businesswoman and influencer. She works with a number of brands on her Instagram. The mother of two rarely looks like a mother of two with how beautiful and young she looks.




She’s shared a banging picture of herself dressed in an all black outfit and topped with red hair. The two are complementing each other making the picture and her look like fire. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over her. We definitely understand why the rapper even had a song about her.