“Mampho Is Very Manipulative And She Is Determined To Win Nkosi #HouseOfZwide

Mampho Is Very Manipulative And She Is Determined To Win Nkosi

Mampho is really determined to have Nkosi all to himself and nothing will stand on her way not even Shoki. She is the true definition of go for what you want. She is determined to shine all her way into Nkosi’s life. She is too manipulative and its always her way or no way at all.

But unfortunately for Mampho what she does not know is that Nkosi will not give him his love. She is going to beg for Nkosi’s love and attention which will hurt her in return. Even if she can trap him with a child. His heart belongs to Shoki nomatter how she might try to sabotage their relationship. Having a child with Nkosi will never make him love her. She will always get hurt because he does not feel anything for her. Shoki will remain Nkosi’s favourite. His live for Shoki is real.

Mampho thinks she is winning Nkosi and Nkosi is only doing this for the baby. Even if Shoki decides to leave Nkosi because of this situation Mampho will never be happy with Nkosi. They will just be in a loveless relationship which will make Nkosi cheat on her because there is no love between them.

My heart bleeds for Mampho because she will never be loved like Shoki. Nkosi is with her because it’s an obligation. If there was no baby there wouldn’t be Mampho in his life.