Nomasondo and Rosemary plan will fail see why

Nomasondo and Rosemary plans will fizzle and they will end in prison, in light of the fact that presently they need to trick Azwindini and take his cash, in light of the fact that Azwindini beleives that Nomasondo is Gugu, presently as they went after Vho mokondeleni their mystery is going to come out except if they take off before it is past the point of no return.

Gugu and Rosemary made everybody to accept that Vutshilo is the person who went after Vho Mokondeleni and everybody accept them, it is just Vho Masindi who suspect Gugu, however nobody accept her, presently vutshilo knows reality and he will do all that to ensure that reality emerges.




Kgosi will help vutshilo to hack Nomasondo’s telephone and that is the means by which they will find reality with regards to Nomasondo, and Azwindini will lament in light of the fact that presently he accepts Nomasondo over his child, the main individual who is care about vutshilo is Susan.

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