Eunice From #SkeemSaam Blew R1.7 Million. Check Out How Much She’s Left In Her Account

As a result, Eunice is in a tight financial situation. Out of the R1.4 million she received from Fanie, she has only R134 remaining in her pocket. The current arc of Skeem Saam’s tale is well-liked by fans. Eunice has been on a buying spree since inheriting a fortune from her late boyfriend, Fanie Maseremule, who died of cancer.



Sadly, she has not taken any action to avoid going bankrupt. It is thanks to SkeemSaam that we can now appreciate Eunice’s acting ability to the fullest. Everyone is treated as if they are a lead actor or actress, which is why the show’s audience loves it so much.

In truth, Eunice was robbed by a man. Even if she lost the money, she didn’t necessarily fail. Kgosi leaped from the bed to assist Ash in raising Eunice, and it made me smile. With any luck, this Eunice saga taught us something. He is trying to show us what the government is doing with our tax dollars…Eunice is the govt.. Eunice spent more over 1.7 million dollars on all of those goods. # At least 10 million dollars might have been claimed by SkeemSaam authors, but they are now deceiving us.

Every day, she transfers at least R100k. She’s spent more than R1.3 million since the 400k she paid the hacker who helped her get her money has been deducted from it. SkeemSaam viewers wish they had Eunice’s bankroll. A million dollars is a million dollars no matter how much you waste it. That money will never run out.

The days of Eunice treating humans like animals are over. If nothing else, Mr Nkadimeng will gain a better understanding of how to treat others with dignity. That being said, it’s way too early. A good heart and a lot of trust make you vulnerable to charlatans, and Eunice is no exception.

After Eunice’s departure, I’m curious to see what happens next. We can’t wait till the next episode, which is scheduled to air on Wednesday.