Miss executive Eunice blows up her money

Fans of skeem saam Are loving a character of uenice kadimeng who recently became rich and become money spender.

Fans are been glue to their screen during skeem saam because of Eunice.They are loving her character and they beg for eunice to remain miss executive fover. People are actually being been impressed by this story line as eunice been money spender .They say she is nailing the part ,and nothing intereste them on skeem saam than that.





Eunice recently became a millionaire with the money fanie his boyfriend left it’s for her. Fanie stole the money from lehasa and keep on crypto apps ,and Eunice manage to crack the password and got all the cash.

Eunice left the hospital job and become Miss executive and money spender on skeem saam .she been buying clothes for everyone and giving cash to everyone who requested it’s and everyone loves her ,miss executive also buy a television from China.