Gomora actress Thati trends after her alleged son with Patrice Motsepe pictures flood social media

Dupped as the queen of small screens, Katlego Danke has become one of the most celebrated star actresses. She is best known for her fearless, cunning, and ruthless on-screen character as Thati on Gomora.





Her unmatched acting flair has undoubtedly seen her winning big at several award ceremonies, from the SAFTAs to the Royal Soapie Awards. Currently, she is wowing Mzansi with his Thati character as she brings hell on earth to MamSonto.

Actress Thathi ‘Katlego Danke’ (Source Instagram)

Her thrust into the limelight came when she was included in the star-studded cast of the Backstage. However, since there, everything was history. Years later, the bubbly actress saw herself starring in drama series like Isidingo, Generations and Gomora.

Despite being one of the most followed star actresses in Mzansi, she has managed to keep her private life under wraps. The bubbly actress happens to be a mother to a son who is alleged to be fathered by Patrice Motsepe. No doubt, the two have distanced themselves from the daring rumours. However, her love life has thrust her into the spotlight of late

In this mix, Mzansi has been wondering why Danke doesn’t regularly post her son or mention his father even in interviews.

Mzansi seems convinced that the son might be Patrice Motsepes’s son in the wake of all daring allegations. In the wake of Mzansi trying to connect the dots, Danke’s son’s pictures have since flooded social media.

Social media streets have been flooding into the comment sections, speaking their two cents. Could this be the reason why Katlego keeps her private life under wraps? In one of her interviews with the Drum, she opened up about why she keeps her private life under wraps.

“I do not hang out with fans, only with my close family and friends. If I am with fans, I know I am working, and I am not there to let my hair loose. Fans want to take pictures and share them. I sell my work and not my life, so it is easy for me to differentiate what is for public consumption and what isn’t.

“My private life is private, and it is not for everyone to delve into. So I hang out with people I know, and they know me. Out of their own will, they have an added layer of consideration because of understanding what I do and what it means to be in the public eye constantly,” she says.

“They are not about proving proximity or anything like that. I am truly surrounded by people who care about me, and they also cover me,” she adds.