RHOD: Did LaConco Really Lie To Everybody?

Did LaConco lie to viewers, and the Real Housewives Of Durban crew?

Twitter users are dragging Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco for renting a house to film in during season two of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD).

So, the Reunion episode aired on Showmax, hosted by Donovan Goliath, on Friday 13 May, where the news exploded. LaConco revealed that she rented the house that the other ladies thought was her home on RHOD. The ladies had expressed that, as the season progressed they felt lied about a few things and demanded answers. The ladies swore to cut ties with her on the season finale of RHOD season two, had LaCoco refused to answer them truthfully.

LaConco gained popularity on RHOD because many were interested in her love life, as she has a son with the very revered former President Jacob Zuma – notably the Zulus.

But did she lie? NO! Nowhere did LaConco say that she owned that house, in fact, she did say that she was a tenant and didn’t own the title deed.



I am not one to ever write about gossip, in fact, it is for the very reason that I don’t write about gossip that leads me to think while reading the tweets, that we as people have too much time to worry about meaningless things.

In fact, worrying about who owns a house and/or renting, etc, is the very reason that many people get sucked into depression, a life of crime, etc, because of all the necessary focus that has caused pressure.

Maybe LaConco rented that house because she fell to the weight of the pressure that people have exerted. But maybe she rented that house, like many of us rent homes, flats, and townhouses to live in.

Of cause, the show is about showcasing fortune, success, or something of that sort. Right? LaConco is not there because of the house was she? How have we rather not discussed at length that she is the only last, in fact, one of the only ladies in the world, who can claim to have had a child with a president?

Let’s rather nitpick the good, and talk about that – if we are to gossip.

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