Man pays for everyone in a taxi before collecting his new VW vehicle, Mzansi is not happy

Kindness should be celebrated as long as it’s appreciated, but when it’s met with hatred and disagreement, it is not a good thing. When someone does something nice for you, thanking them isn’t a bad thing to do.

While driving a new Volkswagen, one South African man took to Twitter to brag about his accomplishments: “I paid for every single passenger in my taxi.”




When I took a taxi from Bree to Campus Square and was dropped off at VW to pick up my car, it was my last time riding in a cab, so I made sure to pay for everyone, including the driver.

The young man’s newfound wealth was hailed by many, but others on Twitter accused him of clout-chasing and joking around with them.

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Since many people in Mzansi are unwilling to pay for the taxi fare of others, the young man’s generosity is commendable.. After he tweeted about his new car, other Twitter users shouldn’t have jumped on him. Instead, they should have congratulated him.

In response to the criticism of the young man, many Twitter users congratulated him and defended him from those who wished to slander him.

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