Arnold Mudau’s wife tattoo on her hand leaves people talking.

Limpopo’s top businessman has been laid to rest for three months. Arnold Mudau was a well-known Limpopo businessman well known for operating the ” Jerusalem” booze tavern. It is one of Limpopo’s most popular and well-liked clubs. He collaborated with the late Naledzani Munyai, who died a year ago. He was discovered with over forty-eight bullets in his body in the highlands. Both of these guys were dreaded in Limpopo, and it still feels like a dream to many people.

When they found out he had died, it came as a shock to him, and three months later it still feels like a nightmare. He died earlier this year after being in an automobile accident just a few minutes from his house. According to reports, his automobile lost control and flipped, killing him on the spot and injuring his passenger. Individuals believe he was murdered by people merely because the police did not discover his body at the spot. He had already been transferred with the car by the time they arrived.



You should keep in mind that this is not permitted since people must wait for the police to arrive. Hundreds of people, including Makhadzi, were there when he was laid to rest. They organized an after party shortly after his funeral, which was well attended. Remonia, his wife, resorted to social media to reveal the tattoo she got in his remembrance. She had a tattoo of his face done on her hand so she could see him virtually every day. People were so taken aback by the dates of his death that they assumed she was despondent.