Mzansi suspects that Dj Zinhle controls Bongani from Black Motion who is also her boyfriend

After Black Motion announced that they are still in the group but will also be doing solo careers, Mzansi has a lot to say. They think that Dj Zinhle is slowly changing Bingani into a new person because he has made a few changes in his career this week.

Bongani from Black Motion released a statement that he is not leaving Black Motion but he is working on his solo career. Bongani started by changing his name to Murdo, he also got a new set of teeth. His fans know him with gap teeth but he has fixed them.



Bongani and Dj have a daughter together who her name is Asante. Fans are blaming Zinhle for wearing that same outfits with Bongani, because they believe that he was not doing those type of things with his previous girlfriends. Bongani was more private about his life before dating Dj Zinhle.