Dj Tira and Themba wearing Ghost Shirts

Dj Tira is now taking Themba to every venue that he is being invited to. They are also wearing the same shirts and seems to be enjoying what they are doing lately. Dj Tira is always looking forward to change young artists like Themba and make them realize how talented they are.


Themba has been with Dj Tira since the final show and they never looks back from then. I think they are definitely working on new music. Yesterday Dj Tira announced that Themba will be on MetroFM to talk about what has been happening in his life.

Fans also started to ask why Themba is not sharing this with his fans. Does this mean that Dj Tira is the one who is in control of everything that Themba must do. I thinknthey promised him lots of things to be with DjTira in order to be successful.