Muvhango Suzan stunned the people when she did this.

Social media was set ablaze by Muvhango actress, Suzan the chief’s wife. Suzan has been playing the role of Chief Azwindini’s wife for a long time, where she is known as the traditional, conservative woman who abides by the rules of Royal house.

But this time around in real life Suzan aka Mawumela surprised many with rap music video. People couldn’t believe that it’s actually her, but what most people don’t know is that actually she a singer/musician in real life and bonus a Preacher. She is a woman of many talents.






Most people were not impressed saying maybe she should just stay in her lane which is acting and singing Gospel songs as opposed to exploring rap music, but some really liked the song and say she can be as creative as she wants there are no limits to the art that she is in.

I guess until you try something you will never know if it’s good for you or not, I feel like she was just exploring her options which is good. Maybe what’s important for us as supporters is really not the genre itself but the lyrics or the message that she is trying to put across.

As we all know the Twitter streets will never leave you without sharing a piece of their minds with, people had lots of views to say. Mostly were funny though, nothing hectic really. It doesn’t seem like they were trying to bash her efforts that much.

Much of these might have come from the fact that we are used to Suzan as her television role which you would never think of as a rapper of all things.

Check the video down below and share what do you think.