King Monada creates his own challenge and puts a price for a winner

King Monada creates his own challenge after he has shared his picture first and it comes from a song that he wants fans to guess the song title and he will sent an eWallet to the person who got it right. By looking at the picture, you can see where you can make your guess and it could be your lucky day.

But he is going to announce the winner on Facebook even though he shared the picture on Twitter. When the time comes, 500 Rands will make his fan happy and it is yet another way for people to see themselves trending on social media. It is not a bad thing to do, but for the right reasons.




Some people are doing it for clout chasing and they are sharing about things they don’t have and it could be very dangerous the moment people realize it. Some influencers are tweeting with their reality of life, but it is not nice to chase clout because it will eventually catch up with them from lies.

He just wanted to make other people happy afterwards he is living in a wonderful house he built for himself and hosted a grand housewarming party with a red carpet. For other people, it is a problem, as King Monada said he will be announcing the lucky person via Facebook, not Twitter.

But he would show the pictures of the person who would be overjoyed to have 500 Rand’s in their hands. It is a lot of money, but Monada does not give it for free and being part of the engagement he made would provide a happy moment for you.

Master KG did it when he wanted people to screenshot his music videos for him to get 1k? It is nice and good for King Monada to give other people some money for the fun of it. He does not command something very complicated, but it is simple and without complications, you will have to group.