It’s been six months since actress and media mogul Connie Ferguson lost her husband Shona Ferguson.

Shona Ferguson died on 30 July due to Covid-19 related complications and his family continues to honour his legacy.

Connie shared a picture of them together on the six month anniversary of his death. He died just before their 20th wedding anniversary.

“Six months today, and not a day goes by without me talking about you! To anyone who cares to listen! You have left such a big impression of yourself on me and the girls that you are part of all our conversations. Your spirit lives on Sho, and we bless God for walking this journey with us, for strengthening us daily and comforting us in different ways, for the earthly angels who have been supportive of me and my family, physically and in prayer, for the strangers who have been praying for our healing and wellbeing.”

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“It is well my love. By God’s grace we are okay. Continue resting in peace my love. Till we are all reunited when it’s our time to be called. I LOVE YOU FOREVER,” she continued.