Mzansi reacts to Bonang winning the case against a podcaster who made serious claims about her

The South African reality star, Bonang Matheba is the talk of the town. This comes after she won the case against a broadcaster, Rea. Later in 2021, Rea publically claimed that Bonang is using drugs and she is the one who influenced AKA to also do drugs. Bonang Matheba didn’t take what Rea said, lightly. Bonang sued Rea for defamation of character and today she finally won the case. Rea has to pay Bonang R300 000.


Mzansi people have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on this. Many people were saying that this should be a lesson to other people who like cyberbullying and trolling people on social media. “Not that Bonang needed the money, this was a respect thing. She needed to make an example out of him” Wrote a Twitter user. “Bonang won the case against Rea, may this be a lesson to many. Don’t just run your mouth” Wrote another Twitter user.