Mseleku’s Are Back With a New Show For Both Mzansi Men And Women

Igumbi Lamakhosikazi, a new chat program on SABC1, will provide women and men diverse viewpoints on relationship challenges. The female-led performance airs at 9 p.m.

Igumbi Lamakhosikazi is a 13-part reality discussion program that aims to provide Mzansi women and men a safe haven. It’s a female-driven talk program that aims to educate, enlighten, and have uninhibited discussions on topics endemic in South Africa.

The show will be presented by Musa Mseleku’s four wives, MaCele, MaYeni, MaKhumalo, and MaNgwabe. Everyone on the show gives a unique viewpoint to aid those who lack the guts to speak up.

Each episode will begin with a subject introduction. The four hosts will discuss the topic, what it means to them, and how they approach it.


Polygamy, in-laws, intimacy, sex in marriage, money, gender-based abuse, and parenthood will all be discussed.

Igumbi will reach and connect with the audience because it will really portray our society. Inspire social action and conversation through straight-talking honesty.

The Mselekus are famous for Uthando Nesthembu. The program has had fans on the edge of their seats. MaNgwabe recently stated that she would only stay married if Musa would not take another wife.

Musa has said he would marry again, and MaNgwabe has said she will go, therefore there is concern that he will welcome a fourth wife. That implies MaNgwabe will come home. If that happens, Mseleku will have four wives again.

Musa recently informed the Daily Sun that he will put his mission on hold until his wives return.

“My two wives, MaNgwabe and MaYeni Mseleku, threatened to leave me. Insistence on it would have ruined my family, I realized. I don’t want to lose Mbali or Muntuza. Instead, I want to create the Mseleku family.