Nkanyezi Gave Maseko A Taste Of His Own Medicine #Umndeni. See What She Did That Left Mzansi Talking

This week on Umdeni Maseko, it was all about me. Maseko confronts Nkanyezi about their unsolved difficulties, and Nkanyezi receives a rude awakening from her ex-baby-mama. lover’s Nkanyezi has admitted that the kid is not his, but he has not forgiven her, despite the fact that he has been dating her all along.

Nkanyezi, on the other hand, has no future here. Maseko may have cheated on Collen, but he and Mamkhulu have the courage to pass judgment on Nkanyezi. It makes one wonder how he handles Nkanyezi in private and how he abuses her if he can threaten to slap her on national television. Today’s show is clearly a ruse. Maseko’s tone towards Nkanyezi as if to say “I’ll slap you” has irritated #Umndeni watchers. He’d never say something like that to Mamkhulu.

Maseko is a waste of time. You embarrass your wife even more by having a stranger speak to her like way. In the meantime, you’re dangling your mandingo all over the place. What’s more surprising is why the girl shows up at Maseko’s right after Nkanyezi confessed.

It was all a ruse, even the obvious confession. Wait a minute, this woman arrived at the other woman’s husband’s house to do a ‘woman to woman’ exchange.

“Ke mpeto waka, o feel bjang o robala ko mpetong wa mosadi omongwe?” “Ke mpeto waka, o feel bjang o robala ko mpetong wa mosadi omongwe?” All of these inquiries should be directed to Mametja rather than Nkanyezi.

She must be shy, because ladies playing the clown for a male always surprises me. “That man belongs to me,” she told Nkanyezi as she left her unfaithful husband. When she got pregnant, she cheated.

Maseko is acting as if he isn’t a cheater. It’s interesting how males cheat and then cry when we return the favor. Maseko’s anguish stems from the fact that he’s been doing the same thing for years.

Beware of men who love and appreciate the contemporary world but are eager to oppress others in the name of culture and tradition, I say it again. Maseko was never cleansed or compensated for cheating on his multiple women, but Nkanyezi must do all of the above. Nkanyezi will not be able to pay damages because she is not married to Maseko.