Mamkhize Pictures before and after Marriage: You will envy this lifestyle

Royal AM boss lady has been making it to headlines of different news platforms after getting a divorce with Sir Mpisane father of her son Andile Mpisane.

According to people, Mamkhize seemed to be suffering or not living the way how she was supposed to while she was married. However, marriage is a different thing that requires a lot of steps and difficult choices and decisions to make. Mamkhize was married to Sbu Mpisane who together shared some shares of the club before it was named Royal AM.

Mamkhize had her divorce in 2019 and started to live the life that she has always wanted to live.












Not only that Mamkhize is single but she has been glowing and living with her family happily. Andile Mphisane, Mankhize’s son has has made it to headlines for weeks after shocking people by getting married with Tamia unannounced. This was after she bought her ex-girlfriend Shozi Sithole back in November.

Andile Mpisane did what people never thought he could do after turning the tables and marry his new lady Tamia.He also bought her a new brand car to show how much he was committed to her.

Shawn Mkhize has also vowed to both Andile and Tamia who is now officially Tamia Mpisane grateful words. She has shown how much she appreciates her and welcomed her to her new official family as one of her daughters.

She also went to public telling people that she will never abandon her grandchildren because the parents are no longer together, she also told people to know how to mind their own business without interfering into her family.