Tumelo Sesheune Dragged Under The Car To Death After

If there is one thing the South African government not be able to solve, it is the cases of Gender based Violence, we always read and hear about a woman who was brutally murdered somewhere around the country, day in day out, a woman is killed and in many occassions, it happens to be the man they call their lovers who turn to become their killer.


It is really sad that there are men out there in South Africa who can be so heartless and would do the unthinkable, one would never imagine that a man would get angry to an extent where he would run-over a woman and drag her on the street for over three houses distance, that is how sick minded we have turned into, we have turned into monsters who disregard a fellow human being’s life and would take it away in that fashion.


A 32 year old advocated from Limpopo was reportedly arrested after he allegedly run over his 23 year old girldfriend and dragged her on the tar road for over 100 metres.

According to keep the energy, Tumelo Sesheune died of the injuries she sustained during the gruesome torture she suffered from the man who once told her all those sweet words one could ever think of, the man she gave her heart to turned to become the man who took away her life in the most heartless manner.


“Tumelo Mamahudu Sesheune, a 23 year old woman from Polokwane, Limpopo, was run over with a car and dragged for the distance of three houses. Her murderer is her boyfriend, a 32 year old advocate. He has been arrested,” the publication reports.


Loving someone has now become a death warrant to women of the South Africa, they live in fear everywhere they are, they are never comfortable since they don’t know what the man they share a bed with could do next, what a stranger they meet on the street could be thinking of doing to them, it is just a crazy World where women wish they were never born as women.