English Only: The Queen’s Kagiso Says He Cannot Speak Local Languages In Real Life

The Queen Kagiso Says He Cannot Speak Local Languages In Real LifeThe Queen’s Loyiso Macdonald (right) says he cannot speak local vernacular languages

Decorated South African actor Loyiso MacDonald who plays the role of the infamous Kagiso on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen has revealed why he cannot speak local vernacular languages in real life.

Loyiso who has also starred in Isidingo and other critically acclaimed shows said that he does not know how to speak any other local South African language apart from English because of his upbringing.The actor said that during his childhood he never got a chance to speak any other language apart from English and as a result, he was never able to learn vernacular languages. Due to this, he is highly fluent in English but is poor in other local languages. He can only speak a little bit of Xhosa and Zulu but not very well.
Loyiso was asked by local podcaster MacG on his popular podcast #PodcastAndChill, whether the fact that he speaks only English fluently does not bother him when people judge him. Responding to the question, the celebrated thespian said that he is unbothered by what other people think. He insisted that he does not live his life for other people and that he does not care what they think, even if they regard him as a snob.

And it seems that the producers for the major television shows that he has starred in are understanding of his predicament and have found means of accomodating Loyiso without straining him. In all the shows that he has starred in, the characters that he portrays do not speak in vernacular but speak in English for the majority of the show.