DJ Tira’s Savage Clapback At Trolls

DJ Tira is not here for the negativity especially on this special day where he celebrates his milestone.

Makoya Bearings is celebrating 21 years of relevance in the music industry with his EP release signifying his impact in the industry.

Tira is known for his signature ‘Chikichikichaaaa’ that can be heard on all of his songs and features, of which trolls always mock him for.

With all this shine he is receiving Tira has been hit with some negativity from trolls who don’t get how he has survived this long in the game.

Ignoring the negativity, Tira has hit back at the naysayers by saying “Lazy people have big mouths. Always waiting for us working hard to fail. Ninyile ke!!! Good morning hard worker it’s a Monday let’s goooooo.”

Tira responded to a troll who mocked his signature line and called him lazy for coming up with it. Some also came for him for ‘over hyping’ his two-decade long relevance by saying other new genres such as Amapiano has killed his genre and music.

The DJ is not prepared to let the negativity get to him and he savagely clapped back at the troll.