Xhosa Dress Design Styles 2020

Xhosa traditional wear is made from a cotton woven into unique styles and patterns. The women wear white dresses that are decorated with black bias binding at the hem and neck, and a headdress made up of two or three different materials of various colours. The colours of the headdresses represent the different areas they come from.  

Married women wear long aprons over their dresses, which are decorated with black bias binding, then, over the whole outfit they wear a cloak made from the same material. This outfit is known as isikhakha. Women carry a sling bag called inxili, which is used like a handbag.

Jewellery is a must for Xhosa women. Traditional Xhosa jewellery such as earrings, necklaces and traditional collars are made from beads. Collars range in size – some go as far as the shoulders, while others flow over the shoulders halfway down the upper arm.  The beads come in all colours of the rainbow and when made with primary colours such as red, blue, dark blue,