Venda Attire Traditional Dresses

Venda Traditional Dresses are worn only by married women, goatskin apron is called Tshirivha, which includes the back and front. On special occasions, married women used to wear the apron back ceremony  .Here is a few images of their traditional wedding held on a rainy day in Bloemfontein. One of them is the Venda traditional clothes. One nation can get to know other Nations through their traditional clothes. Up to now, the traditional clothing is still a popular choice, especially is during special occasions.




Maredo, wear it by young women. The narrow strip of cloth it hung between the legs during the bodice front and back. Bracelet and necklace twisted grass called Vhukunda. Wear it by women for decoration. Young women also wore pieces of copper twisted round a series of cotton. It’s called Thuthu or Shedo, round the ankles and wrists. These traditional clothes showing beautiful impression for women who use it.