Fashionable Nail Art Designs For Summer 2017

When it comes to summer, everything is about colors. Colorful outfits, accessories, lips and of course, colorful nails! With the new season approaching, we’re sure that you’ve already started to experiment with some new, fresh and vivid nail polish colors that sparkle from distance with positive energy. All shades of pink, blue, yellow, violet, neon green and etc. are sharing positive vibes. With nails that make a statement you’ll be noticed wherever you go. On the beach, on a party or simply on the street. Everywher

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clothing africa top fashion shweshwe 2015

The black was abounding with buyers, press, appearance industry insiders, bounded appearance acceptance and boutique and play’s arrangement of friends. Guests were captivated to accept a ‘meet and greet’ / Q and A affair with Mai at the Showroom, area questions were answered, pictures / selfies were taken and anybody got to apperceive added about the designer.

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Best Designs Shweshwe Dresses 2015

Naana B.: I am a lover of art and design. When I accelerating from Columbia University with a bulk in Visual Arts and Art History, I in actuality brash on advancing a bulk in architecture. As an art amateur I majored in carve and painting. I acclimated a lot of bolt in my plan and abstract to sew through the process. Developing a bandage of accouterment was a acclimatized about-face for me. Being from Ghana, African bolt were consistently a axial point of afflatus for me. I started appliance the fabrics and never looked back.

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