Meet Tekoso Modise Beautiful Wife Koketso Chipane

So far in 2020, the cutest thing is soccer player Teko Modise and his lovely wife Koketso Chipane. The pair secretly married in 2018, and they recently took a trip down memory lane to commemorate their special day.

Teko affectionately refers to his wife as “Berries,” and she is a frequent appearance on his social media.

The lovely duo has been feeding us couple goals with their cute ensembles because they both have fantastic fashion sense.



Koketso Chipane is a businesswoman, financer, and Instagram influencer. Because the soccer player has kept their relationship covert, many people have confused his wife with Instagram influencer Lerato Kgamanyane, but she is not.Koketso Chipane is from Pretoria Centurion.

Despite the fact that Modise keeps their connection quiet, he never hides the fact that his wife changed his life.

Along with Sbahle Mpisane and Khanyi Mbau, the soccer star wife recently signed an endorsement contract with Aqua water.

Teko Modise resorted to social media to express his gratitude to his wife, writing, “Quantarine, Savannah, or Coronavirus, the reality is I got you.”

It’s reassuring to watch the soccer star in love after the drama of his previous relationships.

The Grandson of Former President of Mzansi is arrested. See what he was carrying & who he is

Mbuso Mandela, the grandson of Nelson Mandela, was arrested after police raided his home in Morningside, in the north of Johannesburg. They found an unlicensed firearm and suspected drugs.

The raid is said to have been prompted by a tip-off from his landlord. Troubled 30-year-old was arrested around 9pm on Wednesday, according to City Press. The landlord had reportedly been getting complaints from other tenants, an eyewitness said, and police were asked to search his apartment.Mbuso Mandela. Photo: City Press

Police were stopped on the street by his landlord, and they agreed to go and search his apartment. The dog unit and other units were called in to look at the scene. An unlicensed gun was found. Officer Dimakatso Sello said that the suspect had been arrested, but he could not say who he was because he had not yet been charged.

A 30-year-old man was arrested for having an unlicensed gun and having drugs that looked like drugs. The suspect will go to court soon, Sello said in a short statement. This is how it works: After he admitted to being abusive to his girlfriend and baby mama in January, Mandela also made the news.See the source image



“How are you guys?” The man said his name was Mbuso Mandela. “I’m a woman abuser,” he told the group. “I pushed my girlfriend’s head through the window and the Trellidor,” says the man. I choked her. She wants me to say it, so I’m going to say it in front of everyone. Then he said, “Thank you,” in a video on Instagram.

During 2015, Makgatho Mandela’s son was arrested because he didn’t pay child support on a number of occasions. City Press said that he was accused of rape after the father of a teenage girl filed a case against him. The father, who can’t be named for legal reasons, said that the alleged abuse had left the whole family in a bad mood. It was, however, said by Mandela’s legal team at the time that the sex had been agreed to by both of them.See the source image

People from City Press couldn’t talk to him about this because he was still being held by the police. This is a story that is still being worked on and will be changed.Share

Did Dj Zinhle and Murdahbongz recently get married?

Did Dj Zinhle and Murdahbongz recently get married?

Murdah bongs whose real name is Bongani had publicly referred to DJ Zinhle as his “wife” and that left fans Wondering if they got married.


The two went public with their relationship sometime last year but have been keeping their relationship under wraps. They also have been blessed with a daughter who they named Asante.

The two always post pictures of themselves gushing over each other and have fans rating them as the ultimate couple goals.

Sometime in March, it was alleged that Murdah had paid lobola to DJ Zinhle and also had a traditional wedding. The couple did not comment on the speculation nor did they confirm or deny it.

Murdah had posted a picture that Dj Zinhle posted on Instagram and captioned it “My Wife, Mamohasana”

Mukuna has pushed The Khubekas too far, this is what they are going to do to bring him down: Scandal

Mukuna instructs Zenzele to go get a young woman who has been human managed.will Zenzele save the girls and his family company or he will go through with Mukuna’s plan and does as he was told.

As the story spreads out, Mukuna ends up in various circumstances that eventually lead to his end as a result of the Kubekas.The Khubekas have had enough of Mukuna, and this is what they going to do to seperate themselves with him for good. Dudu will be the family’s middle man as she is going to use her charm to bring him down as Vukile suggested.




Check out the pictures of Mbatha from Uzalo in real life

When you talk about Thabo Mnguni, you are speaking about one of the longest serving South African actors who has done pretty well for themselves in the industry of acting.

In short, he is Thabo Mnguni, however, in full his is Thabo Williams Mnguni. If you are a soapie or local drama series lover, then you probably know very well.







While the youth knows him as Mr Mbatha, the old generation knows him as Bra Steve. Those are of course no his real names or nicknames.

These are the main characters he has played over the years. He might have appeared in some other local drama series, but those two mentioned above surely takes the crown.

Starting with Bra Steve, that is the character he used to play in the SABC1 comedy show, Bhongo. The show filmed back in the late 2000s.

He then appeared on the local drama series called Uzalo.

Have a look at his pictures:

Twice as bold is the most boring show ever

This show is the most boring show instead of showing us that they were abandoned by their mother then got abused by their husband, but at the end they bounced back in life all what they do is noise noise disrespecting the mother as if they are the first to be abandoned, at the same time they have got a nerve of looking for blesser when will they stand up for themselves and their kids what have they learned in life ? And they are so disrespectful to their mom they are not the first ones I was raised by my sister and still respected my mom but these gold giggers instead of going to school they are busy with men, they have anger issues from their abusive husband brainless girls, I hate the way they talk to their mom and gang against her instead of fixing things and open a new page of life. I don’t have some personal issue with them the show is just not for me and the chemistry is not there, I’m not inspired watch the show the vibe is off