Rickys suicide note for his wife and kids, dear bianca the pain is too much to deal with

Sad: Riky Rick’s suicide note for his wife and kids, ’dear Bianca the pain is too much to deal with, the voices in my head never gone away.”’

It’s been said that Ricky ricky Left three suicide notes, for his wife and two kids.

He probably was going through a lot, a lot of people have already concluded.

The close source said he has apologized for making the decision he has made with his life, but at the same time some people concluded that it was selfish of him.

Why couldn’t he think of his kids, they deserve present parents they said, but at the same time they understand that you cannot judge a situation you don’t understand or never experienced.

We only wish his family peace going through all this, especially his children.

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“Always and forever” fans tell Connie Ferguson on her recent post with her late husband.

When people get married, one of their vows is “till death do us apart”. Which just means that they will love each other until one of them dies. Yes, it is true in some cases while some the love goes on even after death. There’s a kind of love that doesn’t go away.





Connie and Shona Ferguson are that kind of love. The late actor and television producer loved his wife unconditionally and showed the world. That’s why his death pained many people. Just months after his death The Queen has been rumoured to be ending and people leaving the show. They are rumours because they have to be confirmed by the production.

It must have been a long day day the actress especially with her late husband’s legacy being in the news for bad things. The actress shared a picture of them together, going to board the plane. Her fans showed her love in the comment section.