Tighter restrictions at SA ports to fend off coronavirus outbreak

Durban harbour. File photo.The regulations further provide for implementation of tracking and monitoring systems at seaports, and reporting, as well as prohibition of holding of mass gatherings of more than 100 people in seaports.

Update on the vessels either en route to or already berthed in a SA port:

Aidamira 1,240 passengers to be disembarked using agreed upon protocols; 10 crew members will be joining prior departure of the vessel. Docked in Cape Town 21 / 22 March 2020
Norwegian Spirit 1,759 passengers to be disembarked using agreed upon protocols. Anchored in Cape Town
Silver Cloud 169 passengers to be disembarked using agreed upon protocols. Docked in Cape Town
Arcadia Nil passengers to disembark, 6 SA crew to sign off as allowed per regulations. Docked in Durban TBC
Astor Nil passengers to disembark. Docked in Durban
MSC Orchestra 2,408 passengers disembarked using agreed upon protocols. Docked in Durban.
The department of transport through Samsa has established joint operations committees at port level, which will feed into a national joint operations committee situated in Pretoria.Regulations promulgated on March 18 provide for the prohibition of embarkation and disembarkation of certain passengers and crews at SA seaports.

Another requirement is for improved hygiene control and sanitisation facilities on ships and at seaports and port facilities operated by licensed operators, offshore cargo handling facilities, port repair facilities, providers of port services, port terminals, and licensed port operations.

Trevor Noah hosts ‘The Daily Show’ from home

Trevor Noah will host the popular 'The Daily Show' from the comfort of his home.Trevor Noah will host the popular ‘The Daily Show’ from the comfort of his home.
With most countries in the world on high alert or lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic, late night TV host Trevor Noah has launched The Daily Social Distancing Show on YouTube.

Trevor shot most of the show from his New York City home, where he is self-isolating.

Trevor explained that he and his team were working remotely from their homes, and didn’t know when they were going to go back to the studio.

“Coronavirus has changed everybody’s lives. What we’ve decided is to try to make The Daily Show from homes, not just my home but everyone’s home.

“The producers, the writers, the directors, graphic designers, we are all just going to chill at home and use the technology we have to make the show.”

Trevor said the decision to continue filming the show was due to the demand from their audience who still wanted to watch the show.

Mona Monyane gives Mzansi tips on how to prevent Covid-19

Actress Mona Monyane advised South Africans to take basic protective measures against the coronavirus.Actress Mona Monyane advised South Africans to take basic protective measures against the coronavirus.
Image: Gallo Images / Daily Sun / Noko Mashilo
Actress Mona Monyane has encouraged people to put their health first amid the outbreak of Covid-19.

The actress posted a video on Instagram this week warning South Africans about the virus anShe added that she did not agree with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s elbow greeting, suggesting people rather clap their hands as they did when greeting their ancestors.

“Elbow-to-elbow contact is high risk. If you start coughing and your lungs are tight, as if you have pneumonia and tuberculosis, those are the symptoms of coronavirus. So when you cough, cover your mouth.”

Mona pleaded with people to be safe and take the matter seriously.

“It’s nice to laugh and joke, but not when you are dying. Since you don’t know of someone with corona, or you haven’t came across someone who has it, does not mean you must joke about it,” she said.

Sis also advised her fans to abstain from going to parties until normality returns.d advising them to practice safety measures to prevent it.

Life of a quarantined celeb: What Prince Kaybee, Ayanda Thabethe & Anele Mdoda are getting up to

Prince Kaybee is focusing on getting fit now that SA is self-isolating.Celebs should be busier than ever now, but due to the virus Prince Kaybee, Ayanda Thabethe and Anele Mdoda, have no choice but to stay at home.

Known for his muscles and serving fire hits with his tracks, Kaybee shared a video and snaps on the socials of how he is spending his self-quarantine time that got most ladies’ tongues wagging.Many can attest to how the coronavirus outbreak has left SA a different place to what it was a month ago, and Mzansi’s favs are among those taking a knock now that gigs, events and hosting shows are cancelled. With all the time on his hands, Kaybee shared how he was hitting the gym and making sure he built his well-known “biceps”.

Cava how hard this DJ is “working” it:Earlier in the week, Kaybee also shared that he was doing his bit when it came to social distancing and the measures he was taking to keep himself safe from the virus.

“I live in an estate that has a fingerprint feature. I have stopped using it, even if they have installed hand sanitisers right on top of the fingerprint machine,” he said.

Ayanda Thabethe shared how her time at home left her feeling all kinds of sexy.

With a caption that reads, “Self-quarantine but make it sexy. Seriously take all precautions and social distance as much as possible”, Ayanda is making sure she doesn’t lose her touch while in isolation.

A beautiful Shweshwe Dress 2020

These clothes are so pretty that they are being worn in Africa and beyond. The fabric and designs that these traditional dresses come in have attracted the international market and spread African culture to other continents.South African traditional dresses have become the epitome of nearly all occasions. The diversity in these outfits has made it more possible for people to pull them to whichever event.

It’s such a blessing to seek out love in your teens and eventually conjoin to your highschool sweetheart. I will solely imagine the kinds of recollections Sifiso and Ratanang can produce going forward.

are you able to image the stories they’ll be able to tell their grandchildren in like 50years? Wow, currently that’s awesome! get pleasure from.
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