How to care for your hair like Miss SA: Zozibini Tunzi’s beauty secrets

When Zozibini Tunzi won the coveted title of Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi's signature fade has inspired other women to get "the big chop".many of us were in awe of her beauty – and of how incredible that glittering crown looked on her short, natural hair.

Since then, many woman have been inspired by the beauty queen’s look, with some posting photos of themselves rocking their new

“There’s not really a lot that goes into my hairstyle, which is one of the reasons I love it so much. I don’t have to worry about a lot of maintenance,” said Tunzi.

“Zozibini’s got a bit of a luscious curl that’s easy to manage. It’s also easy to get the curl defined,” agreed stylist Jawad Maphoto of Lajawi Beaute Café in Pretoria, who cared for Tunzi’s natural crown throughout the pageant.

He spilled the secrets of Miss SA’s hair care routine:

  • Zozibini moisturises twice a day, in the morning and at night.
  • On the second or third day, she does a “twist out” to lock in the moisture.
  • When you’re in the public eye your hair gets dressed a lot, so you have to treat your hair every week. But the average person should treat it every two weeks.
  • Maphoto uses Design Essentials, a natural hair range, to make sure Zozibini’s hair is in a good state.

45-Year-Old Woman Delivers Quintuplets After 20 Years Of Marriage

45-year-old Maame Cynthia welcomed her bundle of joy, two girls and three boys at Sam-J Specialist hospital at Haatso in Accra.

The babies were conceived through in-vitro fertilization.

In an exclusive interview with Adom News Kojo Hagan, the joyous mother said she is still in shock.

With the support of doctors and nurses at the Sam-J Specialist hospital, she said: “I can smile at the storm”.

Maame Cynthia urged women struggling to have children to be inspired by her story and faith in God.

Meanwhile, a gynecologist at the hospital, DCOP Samuel Amo-Mensah (Rtd) was happy the IVF was successful.

DCOP Samuel Amo- Mensah (Rtd) with the babies He said the five babies are under observation in incubators to ensure they don’t get any infections.

“Mother and babies are doing incredible; we are so happy with how everything turned out” he added.

DCOP Amo-Mensah(Rtd) said IVF is bringing relief to a lot of homes in Ghana but the only challenge is the high taxes on the imported drugs for the treatment.

He appealed to the government to reduce the taxes on IVF drugs to make the treatment more accessible to couples in need.

Modern Gallery of Shweshwe Dress Designs

1ay to show the world that they can embrace and love our culture; this unified African print is a symbol and its only right to use this symbol in the most creative way which is turning the fabric into something fascinating and interesting.dresses then this post is for you. We have already covered African girls street style fashion ideas so you can get latest trends from it too. shweshwe fashion keeps expanding and changing. You will always find new and brilliant designs.Explore their awesomeness, don’t be abashed to actualize your own styles and designs. Wear whatever makes you attending abundant and flatters your anatomy shape.

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African clothing & shweshwe dresses

The happy occasions that we experience in our daily life are varied, such as weddings, engagement, success parties and other occasions where everyone seeks to look the most beautiful and especially, girls,

and the first thing you are interested in and looking for is South African Traditional dresses. Beauty and clarity is appropriate, beautiful and distinctive,As with Rubicon, you will ascertain a beauteous adult feminine accumulating area you do not charge to appearance a lot of skin, to present a feminine silhouette. Narainsamy tells us that red and blush will be

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South African Traditional Dresses

Interesting enough, shweshwe ancient dresses aren’t solely worn by the locals. a bit like different better-known African materials, shweshwe, has global recognition. it’ll amaze you to ascertain powerful styles created with a shweshwe cloth.

The versatility of the shweshwe cloth has sparked the artistic art of African fashion designers brightly, victimization this cotton cloth to provide a shweshwe wedding gown. If you wish to appear completely different on your day, you’ll be able to mix your gown with some shweshwe cloth. you’ll be able to wear a shweshwe dress to any occasion. however, a number of the shweshwe fashion designs are also additional appropriate for a specific occasion.

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